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About Oklahoma NAHRO

The Oklahoma Chapter of the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) was created in 1963. Our membership consists of approximately 300 professionals working in 108 housing and community development agencies throughout Oklahoma who administer U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development programs at the local level. Oklahoma NAHRO is one of the leading housing and community development advocates for the provision of adequate and affordable housing and the creation of strong, viable communities for all Oklahomans, particularly those with low and moderate-incomes.

Our state receives housing and community development funds each year for local Housing Authorities to use in low rent public housing and tenant-based rental assistance programs. These programs represent approximately 27,000 rental units. Oklahoma NAHRO members work for or oversee local agencies and other organizations involved in government-assisted housing or community development. Members also include housing and development consultants, attorneys, service suppliers and vendors, architects, commissioners and non-profit organizations working in like fields.

Oklahoma NAHRO is a state chapter of the Southwest Regional Council of NAHRO which is one of eight regional councils that comprise the membership of national NAHRO.  Click here for information about joining Oklahoma  NAHRO. Memberships in SW NAHRO & national NAHRO are a separate membership. Click here for more information about membership in national NAHRO. Click here for information about joining Southwest NAHRO.

Southwest NAHRO NAHRO is comprised of seven state chapters which include Oklahoma NAHRO, Arkansas NAHRO, Kansas NAHRO, Louisiana Housing Council, Missouri NAHRO, New Mexico NAHRO and Texas NAHRO. Click here to access the "NAHRO Guide" which provides a detailed explanation of the organization and composition of NAHRO and its affiliates.


Meet our Board

Charles Parks
Oklahoma City Housing Authority

Vice President
Toni Broyles
Stillwater Housing Authority


Cynthia "Cyndi" Rowe
Stillwater Housing Authority


Liane Ward
Cache Housing Authority

VP for Housing
Mathew Dickey 
Stillwater Housing Authority

VP for Professional Development
Kimberly Gholson 
Waurika Housing Authority

Co-VP's for Member Services
Kristi Dougherty
Oklahoma City Housing Authority

Jana Sellers 
Osage County Housing Authority

VP for Commissioners
Susan Ulrich
Cache Housing Authority



Immediate Past President
Christi McNeil
Osage County Housing Authority 

Oklahoma NAHRO is committed to representing your interests at the state and regional level, with HUD and other public interest groups. At the national level NAHRO has actively and effectively supported housing and community development issues for more than 75 years. Learn more>

Professional Development
Oklahoma NAHRO sponsors professional development training and conferences on housing and community development. These training programs are designed to help you and your agency acquire the practical skills needed for today's housing and community development work environment.

Oklahoma NAHRO members have access to a wide variety of individuals with specialized and successful skills. Members find it helpful to know others who have experienced similar housing and community development challenges.

By Laws
Click here to access the Oklahoma NAHRO By Laws.

Oklahoma NAHRO Business Partners

Oklahoma Housing Authorities

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